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Han’s Crime

Hand's significant other brought forth a child eight months after their marriage. Han was under the Impression that the infant had a place with his better half's cousin. Han told everybody that It was an untimely birth. This clarified why the child kicked the bucket unexpectedly early; by and by, It was really the spouse who slaughtered the infant by covering It with her bosoms. For the remainder of Mr.. What's more, Mrs.. Hand's marriage, Han didn't move toward his significant other and inquire as to whether the infant was his. I can't help suspecting that Han doesn't confront his issues, however flees from them or take the path of least resistance. For instance, Han would not like to ivories his significant other in light of the fact that he didn't need there to be any off-base on him.If Han had gone up against her about the conceivable undertaking just as the passing of their infant, their marriage would have gone a totally unique way that didn't end in one of them slaughtering th e other. I don't intend to state that they would have lived cheerfully ever after or anything, however it certainly would have helped their relationship with one another. The birth and demise of the child represents a fresh start for Han. â€Å"The kid's passing appeared as though reprisal for everything and I concluded that I ought to be as blockhead as possible†.Han substituted the adoration for his significant other with a huge disdain towards her. He thought of separating from her, however having as of late changed over to Christianity he didn't need there to be any off-base by his doing. Hand's activities cause me to consider him the sort of individual who endeavors to satisfy everyone. That is to say, his Job is to engage individuals. Turning into a Christian unquestionably made him a significantly more noteworthy individual in his crowd's eyes. At the point when he was in the court he told the adjudicator that he didn't have a clue whether he was blameworthy or not, he chose to tell the truth.I concluded that the most ideal method of being vindicated is come clean regarding everything†, â€Å"Why not be totally honest†. That that is the sort of thing somebody who needs to please individuals would state in his circumstance. As I would see it Han didn't intend to murder his better half; despite what might be expected, subliminally he killed her intentionally. Han could never hit his better half. Truly he was cruel, however never did he truly hurt her. Obviously that was Just in light of the fact that his cognizant revealed to him that that wasn't right. Where it counts Han needed to hurt her and free of her. Despite the fact that the

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The Social Lie Exposed in The Pillars of Society :: Pillars of Society Essays

The Social Lie Exposed in The Pillars of Society  The breaking down impact of the Social Lie, of Duty, as an inconvenience and shock, and of the soul of Provincialism, as a smothering element, are carried out with dynamic power in The Pillars of Society.  Consul Bernick, driven by the origination of his obligation toward the House of Bernick, starts his vocation with a horrible untruth. He sells his affection for Lona Hessel as an end-result of the enormous share of her progression sister Betty, whom he doesn't cherish. To overlook his injustice, he goes into a covert relationship with an on-screen character of the town. At the point when shocked in her room by the smashed spouse, youthful Bernick leaps out of the window, and afterward charitably acknowledges the proposal of his chest companion, Johan, to let him assume the fault. Johan, along with his loyal sister Lona, leaves for America. As an end-result of his commitment, youthful Bernick assists with ransacking his companion of his great name, by assenting in the gossipy tidbits coursing in the town that Johan had broken into the safe of the Bernicks and taken an enormous entirety of cash. In the initial scene of The Pillars of Society, we discover Consul Bernick at the tallness of his profession. The most extravagant, generally ground-breaking and regarded resident of the network, he is held up as the model of a perfect spouse and dedicated dad. So, a commendable mainstay of society. The best women of the town meet up in the home of the Bernicks. They speak to the general public for the Slipped by and Lost, and they accumulate to do a little altruistic sewing and a great deal of magnanimous tattle. It is through them we discover that Dina Dorf, the ward of Bernick, is the issue of the alleged venture of Johan and the entertainer. With them, offering unctuous otherworldly guidance and speaking to the immaculateness and profound quality of the network, is Rector Rorlund, hidebound, bombastic, and biased. Into this stifling air of mental and social provincialism comes Lona Hessel, reviving and stimulating as the breeze of the fields. She has come back to her local town along with Johan. The second she goes into the place of Bernick, the entire structure starts to totter. For in Lona's own words, Fie, fie- - this ethical cloth here scents so corrupted - simply like a cover. I am acquainted with the demeanor of the prairies now, I can let you know.

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Hindsight Bias in Beliefs and Behaviors

Hindsight Bias in Beliefs and Behaviors Theories Cognitive Psychology Print How Hindsight Bias Affects How We View the Past By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Updated on February 20, 2020 Sam Edwards / Caiaimage / Getty Images More in Theories Cognitive Psychology Behavioral Psychology Developmental Psychology Personality Psychology Social Psychology Biological Psychology Psychosocial Psychology Have you ever noticed that events seem more predictable after they have already happened? The results of an election, for example, often seem more obvious after the tallies have been counted. They say that hindsight is 20/20. In other words, things always seem more obvious and predictable after they have already happened. In psychology, this is what is referred to as the hindsight bias and it can have a major impact on not only your beliefs but also on your behaviors.?? Lets take a closer look at how the hindsight bias works and how it might influence some of the beliefs you hold as well as the decisions you make on a day to day basis.   What Is Hindsight Bias? The term hindsight bias refers to the tendency people have to view events as more predictable than they really are. Before an event takes place, while you might be able to offer a guess as to the outcome, there is really no way to actually know whats going to happen.   After an event, people often believe that they knew the outcome of the event before it actually happened. This is why it is often referred to as the I knew it all along phenomenon. After your favorite team loses the Super Bowl, you might feel convinced that you knew they were going to lose (even though you didnt feel that way before the game). The phenomenon has been demonstrated in a number of different situations, including politics and sporting events. In experiments, people often recall their predictions before the event as much stronger than they actually were.?? Mental Biases That Influence How You Think Practical Examples For example, researchers Martin Bolt and John Brink (1991) asked college students to predict how the U.S. Senate would vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Prior to the Senate vote, 58-percent of the participants predicted that he would be confirmed. When students have polled again after Thomas was confirmed, 78-percent of the participants said that they thought Thomas would be approved. The hindsight bias is often referred to as the I-knew-it-all-along phenomenon. It involves the tendency people have to assume that they knew the outcome of an event after the outcome has already been determined. For example, after attending a baseball game, you might insist that you knew that the winning team was going to win beforehand. High school and college students often experience hindsight bias during the course of their studies. As they read their course texts, the information may seem easy. Of course, students often think after reading the results of a study or experiment. I knew that all along. This can be a dangerous habit for students to fall into, however, particularly when test time approaches. By assuming that they already knew the information, they might fail to adequately study the test materials. When it comes to testing time, however, the presence of many different answers on a multiple-choice test may make many students realize that they did not know the material quite as well as they thought they did. By being aware of this potential problem, however, students can develop good study habits to overcome the tendency to assume that they knew-it-all-along. Explanations of Hindsight Bias So what exactly causes this bias to happen? Researchers suggest that three key variables interact to contribute to this tendency to see things as more predictable than they really are.?? People tend to distort or even misremember their earlier predictions about an event. As we look back on our earlier predictions, we tend to believe that we really did know the answer all along.People have a tendency to view events as inevitable. When assessing something that has happened, we tend to assume that it was something that was simply bound to occur.People also tend to assume that they could have foreseen certain events. When all three of these factors occur readily in a situation, the hindsight bias is more likely to occur. When a movie reaches its end and we discover who the killer really was, we might look back on our memory of the film and misremember our initial impressions of the guilty character. We might also look at all the situations and secondary characters and believe that given these variables, it was clear what was going to happen. You might walk away from the film thinking that you knew it all along, but the reality is that you probably didnt. One potential problem with this way of thinking is that it can lead to overconfidence. If we mistakenly believe that we are going to succeed, we might become too confident and more likely to take unnecessary risks. Such risks might be financial, such as placing too much of your nest egg in a risky stock portfolio. They might also be emotional, such as investing too much of yourself in a bad relationship.   So, is there anything that you can do to counteract the hindsight bias? Researchers Roese and Vohs suggest that one way to counteract this bias is to consider things that might have happened but didnt.?? By mentally reviewing potential outcomes, people might gain a more balanced view of what really happened. How to Become a Better Decision Maker

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Analysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell - 1804 Words

1984, by George Orwell - Book 1, Chapter 7 1. Winston continues to write in his diary, but this time he reflects on the idea of a possible revolution consisting of the proles due to its large makeup of the population of Oceania. At the same time, he knows that the revolution cannot happen from within the Party or by the Brotherhood’s efforts. This is because he realizes that the massive size of the proles is enough to supply the strength and power to overcome the Party’s oppressive rule. Unfortunately, the proles are unconscious of their own strength and understanding that they deserve better than what the Party offers to them. For instance, Winston reminiscence of the time when he thought there was a mob in the streets, but it was the proles fighting for the scarcity of saucepans. Not only that, he also thinks about the numerous of possible lies the Party has told based on a children’s history textbook explaining about the evils and worse conditions of life back then when it was under capitalist control. However, he is uncertain that capitalists even exist because the quality of life in London has not improved along with the evidence of poverty-stricken people. Therefore, he’s afraid of the past being erased as the lies become the truth, such that his memories of the past no longer match up with the Party’s information of the past. For instance, the photograph of Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford showed that they were in New York during the time they confessed for theirShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1362 Words   |  6 PagesKathie Tejada Professor Antonio Tomà ¡s Guerrero Dà ­az COLI 214B 1984 This novel, 1984, is a dystopia and takes place in Oceania where people live in a totalitarian society. The author, George Orwell, wrote this as if he was looking into the future and what it was going to turn in to. This group of people, called The Party, have control over everything and everyone, and they have a leader, known as Big Brother, who is everywhere throughout the novel and the people look up to him. They invented a languageRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1084 Words   |  5 Pages1984 was written by British author George Orwell. The main character is an average man by the name of Winston Smith. Winston does not agree with the ideals of the party; this gets him arrested by the thought police. 1984 proclaims what could happen if people just let the government do all their thinking for them. 1.In the world of 1984, what is considered orthodox is not the same as the actual world. In the book in order to be considered orthodox one must never question the party or have any individualRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1493 Words   |  6 Pagessteadily bringing us closer to the world of Big Brother because the government has the ability to collect information from devices that are constantly being in use such as cell phones, televisions, and computers without our consent. In the book entitled 1984, George Orwell reveals how Oceania was a world where no one could be trusted; an action as simple as thinking was considered a violation of the law and you could be arrested for it. Individuals were living in a society where their own thoughts, evenRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1288 Words   |  6 PagesControlled freedom Present day society is very much like society in the book 1984. Although, some of the procedures have diminished slightly, they still do exist, and are still current in today’s society. it’s a shame that most people fail to see that our â€Å"free† nation is actually still controlled. we are being manipulated in such a manner that we do not see by propaganda, media, lies, and yes even torture. Many citizens can say that here in America we are free nation or have freedom, but do weRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1088 Words   |  5 Pages1984 The book that I chose for my first book report was 1984 by George Orwell. The story begins by introducing a man named, Winston Smith, a simple man from the country known as Oceania. He lives in a small flat within London, on the Island known as Airstrip One. Winston is a part of the outer party, which is a part of the ruling party within Oceania, and is a low ranking member who works for the Ministry of Truth as a propaganda officer. The people of the ruling party are constantly being watchedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell968 Words   |  4 PagesThe book, 1984 by George Orwell, is about the external and internal conflicts that take place between the two main characters, Winston and Big Brother and how the two government ideas of Democracy and totalitarianism take place within the novel. Orwell wrote the novel around the idea of communism/totalitarianism and how society would be like if it were to take place. In Orwell’s mind democracy and communism cre ated two main characters, Winston and Big Brother. Big Brother represents the idea ofRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1029 Words   |  5 PagesThe novel 1984, written by George Orwell, depicts a horrendous future in which the citizens of the tyrannous state of Oceania live under unceasing surveillance. The mysterious character of Big Brother serves as the leader of this dystopian society while members of the Party work for total power over the general public. Telescreens are installed in every room for constant investigation, language is continuously modified, and extreme actions are made in order to achieve the end goal of absolute controlRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1253 Words   |  6 Pagesno point of trying to live a regular life. In the book 1984 by George Orwell nearly everyone in the book is brainwashed and given a lot of false information. Winston and other characters only provide a little bit of hope. With a little bit of hope i n the brainwashed world there is still absolutely no chance for any recovery unless the upper management screws up. This hope provides nearly no chance of humanity going back to normal. In the book, 1984, Big Brother is watching over everyone at all timesRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell2321 Words   |  10 Pagespossible crime, thoughtcrime. In the novel â€Å"1984†, by George Orwell, Winston Smith rebelles passively against the idea of living in a complete uniform world under Big Brother’s dreadful surveillance. Thought crime’s impact on the novel’s population is devastating, so much so that it is somewhat hard to picture today’s society in its place. The sad reality is that thoughtcrime does impact the lives of the people in today’s society to some extent as it does in the book. The level of punishment for such a crimeRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book 1984 By George Orwell1092 Words   |  5 Pages and opinions of its citizens; therefore removing the difference between state and society. The goal of a totalitarian government is to replace the existing society with a perfect one. In the novel â€Å"1984† by George Orwell, Big Brother is a dominant figure in the ways which he controls Oceania. Orwell portrays a society with a government that oversees and influences each facet of human life to the point that even having an unfaithful thought that is in disagreement with the law is forbidden. Big Brother

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Definition Argument Content And Ides - 988 Words

Sabrina Musick Sonya Berry Reviewer: 1. The essay meets certain requirements, per the rubric, yet it portrayed an emotional connection to the reader in order to lure the reader in more to continue reading. The essay was written in a format which enlighten the audience comparing the United States and China and how certain matters at hand are handled regarding organ distribution. The writer’s research was informative and detailed in a manner, which captivated the audience to continue reading for clarity. Definition Argument Content and Ides: 2. The thesis main point was about the sale of organs in an unethical manner, which the writer introduced in the forthcoming paragraphs. The writer introduced the nature of organ sales by comparing the U.S. and China, and how one service differs from the other in organ sales. 3. The writer did a great job of explaining the black market in foreign countries and how it affects those on the list waiting for an organ in in accordance with the guidelines of their nature. Medical cost, financial wealth, etc.). 4. In the order, for the writer to get streamline his point across he used comparison methods, so that the reader understood exactly the point which the writer was stating. 5. The information which the writer stated persuaded the audience to set back and think about how unethical measures are performed on humans to retrieve organs, at any cost. 6. The writer incorporated, supported information so that the audience understood theShow MoreRelatedPoliteness Theory and Its Application in Arabic1840 Words   |  8 Pagesterm face may be defined as the positive social value a person effectively claims for himself by the line others assume he has taken during a particular contact. Face is an image of self delineated in terms of approved social attributes†. So their definition for face was similar â€Å" ‘face’, the public self-image that every member wants to claim for himself†. Brown and Levinson (1987, p.61) Brown and Levinson have conducted a research with three languages (English, Tamil and Tzeltal). According to BrownRead MoreDesigning The Robotic Arm Is Controlled By A Microcontroller Based System10540 Words   |  43 Pagesrobata, meaning drudgery or servitude, which first appeared in the English language in 1923 [4]. Robot was introduced into human culture in this early 1920s in a play by Karel Capek about mechanical men that rebel against their human masters [5]. By definition, robot is a mechanical device that is designed and programmed to carry out instruction and perform particular duties automatically, with speed and precision [lo]. Robots are reprogrammable devices and best suited in sensing, gripping, and movingRead MoreSoftware Testing : What Is Software?1900 Words   |  8 Pagesfor all possibilities in case of large complex problems is far too much time consuming and requires a lot of human resources. Also, the view of the software tester also determines whether the tes ts will be successful or not. They may have a wrong definition of testing in mind. Testing involves adding value to a program which can be done by increasing its reliability and that can be done by finding and removing errors. So the best way is start by assuming that errors exist and you need to find themRead MoreThe Half Has Never Been Told : Slavery And The Making Of American Capitalism Essay3355 Words   |  14 PagesSeth Rockman—and their redefining of those terms originally established by Eugene Genovese. These historians looked at the relationship between slavery and capitalism, examined how one cannot exist without the other, and denounced the paternalist argument. In response to The Economist’s review, Ed Baptist stated that a â€Å"smart† and â€Å"sensible† review might require us to put aside the review-as-written’s worn out paternalistic baggage about slaves being â€Å"well-treated† because of their value. Let’s ignoreRead MoreAssembly Language - Essay2991 Words   |  12 Pagesnotably the Amiga, even have IDEs with highly advanced debugging and macro facilities, such as the freeware ASM-One assembler, comparable to that of Microsoft Visual Studio facilities (ASM-One predates Microsoft Visual Studio). The Assembler for the VIC-20 was written by Don French and published by French Silk. At 1,639 bytes in length, its author believes it is the smallest symbolic assembler ever written. The assembler supported the usual symbolic addressing and the definition of character strings orRead MoreDescription of a Mechanism2756 Words   |  12 PagesDescription of a Mechanism Group III Group Leader: Maureen Bianca Cobilla Members: Erica Bulloso Catherine Gayle Cancio Tina Rose Capuli B.S in Psychology II-A Table of Contents 1 Description of Mechanism . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Initial Presentation . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Organization of the Description . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Part by Part Description . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 The ConclusionRead MoreCsvtu Syllabus Computer Science4095 Words   |  17 PagesArrays Structures, functions. UNIT II : Classes Object: Specifying a class, Define member function, Scope of class and its member , Nested Class, Data hiding encapsulation, Friend function, Array within a class, array of object as function argument, function returning object, static member. Constructors and Destructors: Constructor function, parameterized multiple constructor, default constructor, copy constructor, const and class, Data conversion between objects of different classes, DestructorRead MoreHotel Management System7049 Words   |  29 PagesCONTENTS 1. INRODUCTION Page No. An Overview Mission of the Project Background Study The Organization Profile Study on Existing System 2. SYSTEM ANALYSIS Study on Proposed System Defining the problem Developing Solution Strategies User Requirement Specification Software Requirement Specification System Specification Read MoreAnalysis the Use of Stream of Consciousness in Mrs Dalloway8784 Words   |  36 Pagestypical novel of stream of consciousness. Acting not only as a descriptive and narrative technique but also as an embodiment and extension of the themes in the novel, the stream of consciousness helps to fulfill the ideal unity between form and content, without the comprehension of which the unique beauty and profound ideological intentions of the novel cannot be fully appreciated. This thesis thereby attempts a tentative study of the use of the techniques of stream of consciousness and its functionsRead MoreSouth China Sea Dispute10771 Words   |  44 Pagesthe United States of America. The topic of this research paper focuses on the dispute between China and Vietnam over the Spratly and Paracel Islands and how does the United States play a vital role in this dispute. The hypothesis of this argument is that Vietnam has a stronger claim over these islands with the support from the United States because it has stronger political and military influence in respect with China. However, this brings into question of how and why the United States plays

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Why Everybody Is Talking About Weather Essay Topics...The Simple Truth Revealed

Why Everybody Is Talking About Weather Essay Topics...The Simple Truth Revealed New Step by Step Roadmap for Weather Essay Topics Folks discuss the weather on the telephone and in person. Other individuals think that a woman's role needs to be limited to taking care of the home and kids. Women must locate another means of creating a living. Some individuals think women ought to be given equal opportunities to work and excel in their careers. British individuals discuss the weather all the time since it changes all of the time. Nowadays TV is now a crucial part of life. The New Angle On Weather Essay Topics Just Released It is crucial to pick a great topic as a way to compose a good paper. You don't need to find super technical with legal argumentative essays, but make sure to do your homework on what the recent laws about your favorite topic actually say. If you want to produce the excellent essay on microeconomics topics all on your own, the very first place you should s earch is the internet. You need to think about that essays on weather or another subject will portray your understanding of the subject and the capacity to systematize it. A student is made to dig in deeper into the information, and here, they've got a chance to grasp the concepts that they've learned and be in a position to apply them to a topic that's realistic. It is the issue of selecting the proper expository essay topics in the event the student has a right. Examine the benefits and disadvantages 55. International climate change isn't just brought on by humans. Moreover, in many areas of the planet, deforestation has meant that wood the most commonly used solid fuel is situated further away from the places where folks live. Water pollution is going to be the world's biggest problem within the next decades. Availability and purity of plain water. Some developing countries invite large multinational businesses to open offices and factories so as to aid their economy. Nevertheless, in the surface of climate change, the capacity of women and men to get these indispensable resources is reduced. ICUMSA is the sole worldwide organisation concerned solely with analytical strategies for the sugar market. It is very important to remember, however, that women aren't only vulnerable to climate change but they're also effective actors or agents of change concerning both mitigation and adaptation. Try to remember your essay isn't a research paper, and therefore do not cover the top with documentation. Like every assignment, a descriptive essay has a certain purpose. The essay questions are broken up into common PTE Essay writing. Researching the topic will permit you to find out more about what fascinates you, and should you pick something you truly like, writing the essay will be more enjoyable. Work is performed under various Subjects each headed by means of a Referee. People today attend college or university for many distinct reasons (by way of example, new experiences, career preparation, or to raise knowledge). Weather Essay Topics Explained Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. Below, you will locate a list of pop culture topics of unique categories. Though it's not an exhaustive collection of all of the different kinds of essays, it does include a couple of the most common with different essay topics in each one. You will discover that lots of the topics can be adapted to suit almost any sort of writing assignment. The normal pattern of weather experienced in a certain area on a long duration of time is called the climate. Spring is a great season because it's between winter and summer, temperatures are not that cold and not to hot. Weather is quite changeable and unpredictable. Air temperature plays a significa nt role in how weather and climate counteract. Rain forests should be protected. Wind can play a significant role in the climate of the region. The cold winds blow all of the time. An argumentative paper is part of the persuasion. You also ought to lead them to a specific conclusion or a takeaway line which they'd remember as soon as they finish reading it. It's far simpler to write from an example than to begin your essay from a blank bit of paper. Or, a breakup is the consequence of poor communication. The issue is we speak various languages not only in regard to ethnic groups but regarding the way every individual sees the world.

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Sociology The Comparative Method Essay Example For Students

Sociology The Comparative Method Essay Sociologists have embraced what is known as the comparative method as themost efficient way to expose taken-for-granted ‘truths’ or laws that peoplehave adopted. But what is this comparative method and how does it work?Are there any advantages/disadvantages to exposing these false ‘truths’. What forms or variations of the comparative method exist? In the pages tofollow I will attempt to give you some insight and understanding of what thecomparative method is, and how it works. The comparative method, simply put, is the process of comparing two things(in our case societies, or the people that make up society) and seeing ifthe result of the comparison shows a difference between the two. Thecomparative method attempts to dereify (the process of exposingmisinterpreted norms. Norms that society consider natural and inevitablecharacteristics of human existence) reified (the human created norms or‘truths’) beliefs. Obviously there are various ways in which a nomi (a labeled, sometimeconstructed, norm or truth) can be exposed. Which form of the comparativemethod should one use however? The answer, whichever one applies to the‘truth’ in question. For example, you certainly would not do a cross-genderform of comparison if you wished to expose whether or not homosexuality hasalways been feared and looked down upon by most people throughout history. No, rather you would perform a historical comparison of two or moredifferent societies to see if these beliefs always existed, or, whether ornot this is a newly constructed belief. Let’s look at little more closely at the above mentioned historicalcomparison and see how the comparative method works with a specific example. There is no question that in today’s western society there is a lot of fearand trepidation towards people who are labeled ‘homosexual’. The questionwe will attempt to answer however is whether or not it has always been likethis and is this a universal truth. In ancient Greek societies people had a very different opinion of men thatslept with men. For example, it was considered quite an honor for a familywith a young boy under the age of 10, to be given the privilege on an olderman of high society taking their son into his house. The young boy would goand live with this older man. The older man would have sex with the youngboy on a regular basis until the boy developed facial hair. It was notuntil then that the boy was considered a man. Society thought that an oldermans, of great reputation, semen would help the boy develop into a fineyoung man. Once the boy developed the facial hair, the sex between the twowould stop. The older man’s job was finished. Obviously this would beconsidered an atrocious and disgusting act these days. The older man inthis case would certainly go to jail for the ‘crimes’ that he had committed. However, in Ancient Greece this was not only considered perfectly normal,but as I already stated, it was an honor and a gift that not every boy was‘lucky’ enough to be given. Therefore, we can conclude from this comparisonthat homophobia, as we know it, is not a natural truth, nor is it auniversal belief. Rather it is a socially constructed belief that manypeople have taken for granted as an inevitable part of human existence. It is important at this point to clarify something however. It is saidthat the role of the sociologist is a descriptive one as opposed to aprescriptive one. That is to say that the sociologist should describe thevarious practices, customs and structures that exist in various societiesrather than suggest to people which one is actually the correct belief orthe ‘real’ truth. Hebrew Text and Fonts EssayFinally we come to the last major comparative form. That of thecross-cultural. Cross-cultural comparison consists of comparing twosocieties or cultures in an attempt to reveal and expose some sociallyconstructed ‘truths’ in order to prove that they are not universal butrather they are relative to each society. There are literally thousands of differences between almost every culturethat people would be surely shocked to learn of. For the next example Iwill show how the cross-cultural comparative method dereifies some of theconstructed so-called universal-truths that people in our society may have. India differs in it’s customs considerably from that of Canada or NorthernAmerica. For example, in Western Civilization families sit together whenthey attend church, in India this is not acceptable at all. Men and womenmust sit on opposite sides of the church. Men and women in India for themost part will not eat together, whereas in Western civilization it is acommon practice and is actually looked upon as a good time for a littlefamily bonding. In India it is considered rude to eat with both hands atthe table. The right had is solely used for eating and the left fordrinking. Obviously we have a completely different practice in Westernsociety. Another shock that a Westerner might face if he/she were to travelto India would be the fact that it is still considered a major socialimpropriety for a man to even touch a woman in public. In North Americapublic displays of affection can been seen everywhere. . (Stott, John. Down To Earth. 1980. Pg. 12-15)These are all prime examples of Western universal truths that are exposedwhen compared to another culture. One of the major benefits for exposing these truths through the comparativemethod is the fact that dereifying accepted truths leads to a decrease inethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is the act of interpreting all societiesthrough one’s own cultural lenses and believing that there idea of truthsare the only correct ones. This could lead to the imposing of one’s ownbeliefs onto other societies.In other words, comparing, exposing, anddereifying helps educate and eliminate ignorance when it comes to social‘truths’. However, there is a danger to exposing social constructs. Itcould lead to one taking on the perceptive of a radical relativist (alltruths are correct) or a nihilistic view (the belief that all truths arerelative and therefore there are no truths). Obviously this is a verynegative, and possibly a destructive, way of thinking. As you can see, the comparative method is an essential part of asociologists practice. Without it there would be a lot of confusion andmisunderstanding between people and societies.Hopefully I have shown byexample the various forms of the comparative method and how each of themapplies to society and how they attempt to expose falsities. Toronto, Ontario. Canada3rd Year UniversityB+